Beautiful British Columbia | Hannah Sever Photography

In August, my friends (Cassondra & Brooke) and I went and visited our friend Robyn who currently lives in Vancouver. Had the most amazing time visiting with her, exploring BC and seeing the mountains for the very first time.

Day 1- Went to Lynn Canyon and explored the trails, went and seen the glacier water & waterfalls. The coldest water ever- absolutely breath taking with how clear and fresh it is. Had dinner at this very rustic and yummy brewery called Craft.

Day 2- Deep Cove, hiked up Quarry Rock and seen the beautiful lookout of mountains & the cute little cove.

Day 3- Walked around Granville Island, had lunch on Ferry Dock and did some exploring in the shops. That evening we hiked the Grouse Grind, which is by far the hardest hike I have ever done- a part of me was like how am I going to finish this before it gets dark out lol… but we finished it in an hour and a half just before it got dark so not to worry.
Some facts about this hike:
The Grouse Grind® is a 2.9-kilometre trail up the face of Grouse Mountain, commonly referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stair master.”
Elevation Gain: 853 metres (2,800 feet) 
Base: 274 metres above sea level (900 feet)
Summit: 1,127 metres (3,700 feet) 
Total Stairs: 2,830 

Statistics: Annually, over 150,000 people hike the trail. 
Average Time: On average it takes up to an hour and a half to complete the hike.

Day 4: Rented bikes and biked the sea wall at Stanley park- which was sooooo much fun and so beautiful. On one side of you there’s a sea wall(rock) and the other side view of mountains.
That evening we went to Squamish and did the Sea to Sky Gondola & this was by far my favorite part. It was soooo beautiful, the lookouts where just breathtaking and it was an amazing way for us to end our trip in BC.

I cannot wait to go back and explore more of British Columbia. It was so much fun, all the hiking and exploring had me completely in my element & also visiting my friend was so nice, we got to make some great memories. As a fun little spontaneous thing I got my FIRST tattoo, we all got one and it was just such a great little souvenir. (pictures at the very end)

Links to places we went: