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This is my first trip ever with my family (parents and grandparents) and we chose to go to New York City on the busiest time during the summer and the HOTTEST it's ever been (50 degrees Celsius...) BUT I must say it was an amazing experience. We took a tour bus (Comfort Tour) got picked up in Toronto and about 10+ hours later we arrived in our hotel in New Jersey. We then had two days in the city where we explored on our own and with the tour bus. We saw an unreal amount of things in those two days and then went back on the bus for another day to get home.

One of the places we went to see was the One World Trade Centre & the 9/11 Memorial. That was such an impactful place to see and truly saddening but very beautiful how they presented the memorial. We also went to the Statue of Liberty (Which was my personal favorite) It's massive & the detail in it is just remarkable, one to check off the bucket list for sure. Also keep in mind New York is already really hot because of the city but then add on the extra heat and humidity and your pretty much sweating everywhere haha... There was a lot of walking & it was pretty much the most tiring two days ever but when you want to see so much in so little time you got to do what you got to do... Another place we went to was Central Park, we went to a little tiny part of it and it’s so massive we did not have enough time to even walk a km of it. Times Square was one of the busiest places we went to… The amount of people and life there was insane, very cool to see but definitely not the greatest for pictures, as you can see below there are hundreds of people everywhere. Another one off the bucket list was walking on the Brooklyn Bridge, I must say it is just incredible, the structure and detail of the bridge is INSANE & it's massive. Of course it had to be the HOTTEST day ever so we only made it to the first little part (which took about a half and hour to get there). Only my parents and I walked to this one as it was just too much for my grandparents, but while we were gone my grandma got to sell water at a little station on the bridge (Hahaha). My grandparents were just casually sitting near it and the man who was selling the waters ran out and had to run down the bridge to get more from his boss so he asked my grandma to just kindly watch his stand… People then started coming up to my grandma with money. So long story short she sold 18 bottles & that man was pretty grateful for her. After the bridge that was the end for me, my feet were hurting, my head was hurting, I felt like the heat was taking over my body (most dramatic explanation possible) BUT it was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Although it was very hot and very busy, it was an amazing trip. We saw so much and experienced so much, did I mention we also went on the subway? Yeah it's nothing like Toronto Subway, much more stressful. ALSO my papa was suckered into some street performance, which was pretty funny (see picture below)… Anyways as I was saying, best first trip with my family ever & I can't wait to visit New York again... Just this time it will be in the fall or spring when it's not so hot. I’d also suggest taking a tour bus for your first trip to New York; we
definitely wouldn’t have been able to see as much as we did in those two days if it wasn’t for the tour. 

Some photos from Snapchat! 

Snap: hannahsever